provides a network of trained professionals that specialize in helping Seniors (62 years and older) determine if a Reverse Mortgage is right for them. Along the way, we have learned a lot about the diverse financial needs of individuals and families. Offering education on reverse mortgage products is our specialty and we are committed to assisting Seniors become aware of today's advantages of homeownership.

We offer a variety of reverse mortgages (HECM FHA, Jumbo, Purchase & Fixed Rate) designed to eliminate current mortgage payments and give borrowers easier access to their additional home equity, based on both their individual circumstances and financial goals. There are no income or credit requirements to qualify. You may use the reverse mortgage to:

  • Draw out a lump sum of money
  • Establish a non-revocable line of credit that grows every year
  • Purchase a new more senior friendly and energy efficient home
  • Guaranteed lifetime income with "tenure" option

Would you like to have local support in assisting you in determining if a reverse mortgage is right for you? If so, please contact us directly at 310.456.0100 to receive a free benefit analysis, property valuation and a complete consumer guide to help you explore all available options. Our trained professionals will assist you providing the LOCAL support you deserve!

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ReverseMortgageFundings is a network of consultants founded on the principles of providing options for financial wellbeing of US Seniors. We have experienced professionals from different segments of the financial services industry that custom generate plans that effectively match our client's needs.



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